Why Stainless?

If you've arrived at StainlessBits.com, you probably already know the answer to that question. If you are new to the idea of using stainless steel in place of ordinary fasteners, please, continue reading.

The enemy of all things steel is oxidization, or, in simple terms, rust. Even in the best possible environment, ordinary steel fasteners will eventually rust. Nuts and bolts fuse into a seemingly solid mass, nasty brown bubbles appear and the steel itself slowly corrodes into nothingness.

For anyone who has experienced these problems, the ultimate answer is Stainless Steel. The fasteners and parts sold here are extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidization. Stainless fasteners last longer and retain their original appearance long past the average life span of a comparable ordinary steel part.

If you've ever had a chromed fastener go bad, you have even more reason to use stainless. Once polished, a stainless fastener will hold a mirror finish for years. Unlike chrome, if scratched, the stainless part can simply be polished back to perfection. And a stainless bolt will never rust, crack and peel like chrome.

You will pay a little more for stainless, but you'll never regret it. Come on into the shop and look around.