Polishing Aluminum Engine Covers

Aluminum covers look really nice when new, but over time they oxidize. They pick up nicks and scratches and generally get to looking pretty ragged. It's time to get those old covers looking like new again.

This case started out in pretty good shape, but it had gouges and original casting flaws that would have looked awful once it was buffed.

For more examples of polishing, scroll to the bottom of this page.

I will take your old engine covers and make them look as good or better than new. The case is given a quick surface sanding to expose all of the nicks and casting flaws. Those defects are then carefully removed. Even deep gouges can be eliminated without a trace. The case is then sanded again in several stages and wheel buffed.

Pricing runs between $50-$100 US, based on size, plus shipping. Add $25 if I have to degrease the item. I would prefer that you clean them up prior to shipping. Specific model prices can be found in the shopping cart. If you don't see your bike listed, email me for a quote.

Parts can be Zoop Sealed once polished for $10-$25 US per item.

This case looked hopeless. The worst problems were the scrapes on the fins and the casting flaw at the top left. At first glance, you will tell yourself that these are two different cases. Not so. The damaged fins were taken down to a nice curve with a contour sander. They are lower than the undamaged fins, but you have to be right on top of it to see the difference. The casting flaw could not be completely eliminated because of the depth, but it was substantially reduced. The customer was very happy.

This case also looked hopeless. When sanding began, the flaws starting coming loose as aluminum chips, some as big around as a 1/4". Patient sanding and feathering eventually produced the finished case you see above. Again, not perfect, but darned close. The result far exceed the customer's expectations.

This pretty much piece speaks for itself.