StainlessBits.com was born out of frustration and determination. While building a basket case T140D Triumph Bonneville I received in pieces, I searched the web for stainless kits for the bike. I found very few offerings for this motorcycle. A couple vendors in the UK do a fair job, but between shipping expenses and the exchange rate, both were non-starters for me.

Several Bonneville owners told me that they would love to buy kits for their bike. As I did my homework, the idea of kits took on a life of its own. There had to be a decent source in the US. There just had to be. Alas, there was not (in my opinion).

Once I decided to go ahead with this as a commercial venture, all the little details leapt into view. It would never survive as a "One Bike Site", so I needed to offer more. Why not offer a broad line of fasteners for everyone?

Why stop there? Why not offer high quality kits for other applications? Other Triumph models are being added as fast as I can. Soon, other British marque bikes will be added.

My goal is to offer you a friendly site with great prices, great selections and great products. I need you help to succeed. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it's getting there. If you see something that needs changing, or have ideas to make this a better experience, please, let me know.

Andy Litkowiak