Myths About Strength

When discussing stainless steel fasteners, it is inevitable that someone is going to remind you that a stainless bolt is not strong enough to use in stress applications. This is only a partial truth, depending on the grade of steel used.

Just as standard steel comes in various strength grades, so does stainless steel. The high strength fasteners offered here at are as strong or stronger than grade 8 hardened steel. High strength stainless bolts can be safely used for suspension and brake systems, as engine head bolts and in virtually any application requiring grade 8 steel or the metric equivalent.

In some cases, high strength studs are required for caliper, engine or other stress applications. Due to the many variations among vehicles, exact substitutes are usually unavailable in high strength stainless. fabricates special length/thread studs from 17-4 high strength stainless steel rod stock. When included in kits, these items will be specially tagged. Custom studs can also be fabricated for your individual application.