Shipping Estimates

Although the shopping cart offers a variety of shipping options, overnight or second day delivery is not always available. There are a number of reasons for this.

StainlessBits Kits are all made to order, based on your request. Plain kits can usually be assembled and shipped quickly. Buffed or polished kits may take longer. It also depends on how many orders are in line ahead of yours. If I have to make custom length fasteners, there may be a delay.

Bulk fastener orders are much the same. Plain fastener orders can be processed quickly. If your items need to be buffed or polished, there may be a delay, depending on your order size and orders ahead of yours.

If I cannot fulfill your order in the requested time table, I will contact you will a delivery estimate. You can make a decision at that point. I will refund some or all of your payment, based on your decision.