British Motorcycle Manuals

I have the great privilege of offering the greatest motorcycle literature collections in the world today. Compiled by Kim The CD Man, these CD-ROM collections cover Triumph, Norton, BSA, AJS and Matchless motorcycles. Each CD contains literally hundreds of manuals, parts catalogues, service bulletins, brochures and other authentic literature items. In some cases, coverage extends back into the 1930's.

These CDs are an exceptional resource for the practical minded mechanic or the collector of vintage motorcycle memorabilia.

Also available is an extensive collection of Lucas electric manuals and Amal carburetor manuals. The Amal section will allow you to delve into the intricate details of equipment you never knew existed. The CD contains a vast quantity of Lucas parts lists, service notices and equipment listings. This arcane collection will allow you to master the dark secrets of the Prince of Darkness.

CD sets are genuine "Kim The CD Man" products covered by Kim's guarantee - if the disk is unusable due to a manufacturing fault he will replace it (within 14 days of sale & does not cover damage through misuse). Help him continue to offer great products and save our precious literature by never buying pirated copies which often don't even work!!